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WP27D series
WP27D series

WP27D series

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WP27D series

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To  prevent breakage during mating, JAE has developed a stacked  board-to-board connector "WP27D Series" with a rugged construction,  0.35mm pitch, 1.9mm wide and 0.7mm combination with power terminals. The company is located in:

:: Background

As  smartphones, wearable devices, tablet PCs and other small portable  devices, multi-function, high performance caused by increased power  consumption, which requires internal connections to be able to withstand  greater current.

This product with a power  terminal can withstand high current (also plays the role of abutment),  the metal base to protect the mating surface, to prevent damage to the  mold and enhance the robustness. In addition, with the  power terminal is different from the signal terminals, saving on the  board design space, but also improve the design freedom.

The  product features a 2-point contact structure with a proven track record  to improve impact resistance and shock resistance. Meanwhile, good  fingertip feel (chimerism) improves operability.

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