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DW07 series
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DW07 series

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DW07 series

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JAE has successfully developed the "DW07 Series" bus bar connector  used for transmission wiring of high-current equipment and started to  sell.

:: Background

In  power infrastructure construction, power conversion equipment and power  storage equipment need to be connected using a conductive rod at a high  current energy level. Although a compact and continuous connection  method that can effectively utilize the facility space has been sought,  the connection to the conductive rod Most  are still relying on the use of screws and gold-plated terminals to  connect the wires, but the screw fastening and wire storage compactly  connected but can not be achieved. At the same time, the industry has also been trying to improve the job  function with the screw fixing process, to improve the various  shortcomings after shortening the screw working time.

JAE  In order to solve the above problem, the connector "DW07 series" for  connecting the conductive rod has been developed instead of the screw  and the gold-plated terminal for connection. As a result, the density of wiring in the machine and equipment and  the size of the connection part are reduced, the wiring connection work  and the maintenance exchange work time are reduced, the necessary tools  for fixing the screw are replaced, and the workability is improved.

In  the meantime, in the fields of communication machines and industrial  machines, there are cases that are suitable for the connection form of  similar power exchange equipment and power storage equipment. The  "DW07 Series" is widely used in the future because of the compactness  of high-current connections and the improvement of operations.

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