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CE2 (50Ω) series
CE2 (50Ω) series

CE2 (50Ω) series

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CE2 (50Ω) series

Product Description

With  the expansion of in-vehicle devices (navigation systems, ETCs, etc.),  device antenna connections also require connectors that match their  usage. Prior to this, JAE has developed the "CE2  (75) Series" compact car coaxial connector for automotive applications  up to 1GHz in frequency band, which has been specially developed for the  more popular digital voice recorders in Europe and the United States.  The CE2 50) series ".
This product is not only suitable for digital voice recorder can be used, terrestrial digital TV playback can also be used. In addition, we have a variety of products to meet the different needs of automotive devices. (PIN number, bracket shape, power supply terminal)

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Applications Car 1.5 GHz below the car with a small coaxial connector.
Characteristic impedance 50, using 1.5D-2V equivalent coaxial cable.
Connector with a substrate, cable, relay with three.
The  external terminal of the connector is connected to the bracket, and the  shield and the bracket on the side of the case can be fixed by screws.
Coaxial terminal cable tensile strength 100N above, the connector is strong.
External terminal crimp core fully covered, anti-noise performance.

Application market
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Digital voice recorder, terrestrial digital TV and so on

General specifications
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PIN number: coaxial 1PIN, coaxial 1PIN + power supply terminal 1PIN, coaxial 2PIN, a total of 3
Application cable: 1.5DS-QEHV or coaxial with 1.5D-2V
Application frequency: DC ~ 1.5GHz
Characteristic impedance: 50
VSWR: 1.8 or less, insertion loss: 1.0dB or less
Withstand voltage: AC100Vr.m. s. /minute
Operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +105 ℃

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