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LGA socket
LGA socket LGA socket LGA socket LGA socket LGA socket

LGA socket

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LGA socket

Product Description

Our LGA socket enables electrical connection between the processor and the PCB. With the increase of computing power, the number of chips is also increasing. The  rugged bolster provides reliable interconnection with the  microprocessor package and limits the degree of PCB flexing during  crimping to ensure a reliable connection. The geometry of the terminal tips has been optimized to reduce the risk of damaging the terminals during handling and packaging. Our flexible molds provide quick prototyping cycles for technical samples so you can get a socket early in the project.

Now available:
LGA 3647 socket hardware products

     View LGA 3647 socket P0 hardware

     We are a certified supplier of LGA 3647 socket products such as backplanes, pillowcases and clips / spindles for socket P0. With  a narrow fabric and a narrow non-woven product, this new hardware  system performs better calibration and keeps your fingers away from the  socket contact field.

LGA 3647 socket
product detailed information

     Pitch: 0.9906mm hexagonal
     SP height: 2.7mm
     Terminal force: 25gf @ nominal definition
     Pin Count: 3647
     Pin matrix: 49x74
     Multi-chip housing: 2 slices

Features: LGA socket
Easy to weld and position

     Socket housing facilitates efficient PCB soldering.
     The socket is equipped with a cap for easy pick and place.
     Backplane optional galvanized and nickel-plated layer.

LGA socket

     High Performance Computing (HPC)
     Workstations and desktop computers

The LGA socket uses the latest socket technology based on Intel and AMD LGA microprocessors, with up to 3647 pins. This  generation of LGA sockets provide a compressed electrical interface to  the microprocessor and are soldered to the PCB by solder ball surface  mount. Stainless steel pressure plate allows reliable  interconnection with the microprocessor, with a single lever handle for  microprocessor-driven. The geometry of the terminal tip has been optimized to reduce the risk of terminal damage during operation and installation.

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