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USB Type-C DX07
USB Type-C DX07

USB Type-C DX07

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USB Type-C DX07


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JAE  recently started mass production and selling harness products with USB  Type-C connectors at both ends and USB3.1 Gen1 / Gen2 and USB Power  Delivery Revision 3.0 (USB PD3.0) specifications. Consolidated plugs, sockets for the "DX07 Series" overall package to provide customers.

This  product is based on the USB3.1 · USB PD3.0 specification and supports  high-speed transmission of 10Gbps at maximum with 5A current supply. It  can also realize the EMIC low-voltage driver (3V) required by the USB  PD3.0 specification. Because the latest power supply specifications for the USB PD3.0 specifications to ensure safe and efficient power supply. In addition there is the USB Type-C specifications of the positive and negative interpolation advantages.

USB  Type-C connector, the following times interface standard as a standard,  with computers, mobile phones, players, game consoles, industrial  machines as the beginning, is being used in a wide range of markets. While contributing to the standardization of the USB Type-C connector,  the company is devoted to expanding the lineup of connector plugs and  sockets as the "DX07 Series".

In  these activities, our company's DX07 series (plugs, sockets, wire  harnesses) are favored by many companies in the world due to the  advantages of high quality and stable production. This  product ensures the connection reliability and high-speed transmission  characteristics, miniaturization of the connector at both ends of the  production, to achieve a free connection between the machine. At the same time, this product according to the needs of guests free to design.

In  the future, JAE will continue to expand its lineup of "DX07 Harness  Series" based on the USB Type-C standard, which will meet the different  requirements of our customers.

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