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JN14 series
JN14 series JN14 series JN14 series

JN14 series

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JN14 series

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JAE has developed a low profile "JN14 Series" plastic housing for  small servomotors that offers the advantages of light weight, low power  consumption, and more.

In  recent years, as the features of multi-axis, compounding, and  miniaturization become more and more obvious in the field of robots and  working machines, the space for the servomotor devices tends to be  smaller and smaller. In the meantime, there is a growing demand for small, low profile  connectors with metal housing types and lock screws in small  servomotors.

In response to this demand, the "JN14 Series" uses a locking method of  fixing a screw, which suppresses the assembly height of the connector,  and at the same time achieves high connectivity and high waterproofness.  The assembly structure of the metal case is also much simpler.

The  fitting of the socket and the plug realizes the simple fixing structure  of the lock screw fixing housing, which not only realizes the  miniaturization and low back of the connector, but also realizes the  high connection performance and the high water-proof performance, and  simultaneously, the screw does not easily fall off from the cover Constructed to achieve excellent workability. Depending on the way the parts are mounted, the 180-degree orientation  can be reversed even with the same part cable, depending on the  application.

This connector, 4-pin servo motor I / O power supply, 2-pin brake,  9-pin encoder are used with this connector, and can be used for small  motor 40mm above.

The  4-pin socket for the power supply uses the metal case to achieve the  locking screw fixing structure of the ground contact and the connection,  and the ground wire of the case can also be connected while assembling  the connector. At  the same time, 2-pin and 9-pin socket, only the action can be locked to  achieve locking action, the metal shell can easily fit.

JN14  series connector is small size, low back, light weight, etc., while the  corresponding TÜV and ULus / cUL safety standards for the metal shell  type small servo motor, is a safe use of the connector

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