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JL10 series
JL10 series

JL10 series

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JL10 series

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MIL-DTL-5015 Specifications Round connectors are widely used in machine tools, robots and other industrial equipment. This product is MIL-size screwed and has the advantage of being compatible with connector specifications around the world. In  the meantime, compared with the screw fitting method, the workability  is good in recent years, and the environment-friendly screw is not easy  to relax the chimerism method and the one-touch lock chisel demand is  increasing.
In this context, JAE has developed  "JL10 Series" connectors that can be screwed with MIL specifications and  that support one-touch locking. This product socket  connector is set at the thread and one-touch lock groove, and can be  achieved with the screw-type, one-touch lock-type plug between the plug.
Socket  connector dimensions and mounting hole size and the previous MIL  specifications consistent, easy to switch between the old and the. Therefore,  without changing the body of the device, the interface can be upgraded  to a one-touch lock type simply by replacing the connector.

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     Use MIL specifications screw fitting and one-touch fitting two ways.
     Compatible with existing MIL-style connector interchangeability.
     Socket single waterproof, waterproof structure with chimeric, can achieve IP67 waterproof.
     Obtained UL, TÜV certification.
     Operational, vibration-resistant one-touch lock fit.
     Slim plug, the direction of cable extraction was 45 ° intervals, 8 directions to choose from.
     Through the sound, feel and visual confirmation one-touch lock chimes completed or not.

Application market

Machine  tools, robots, servo motors, semiconductor manufacturing equipment,  communications equipment and other industrial machines

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