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KN01 series
KN01 series KN01 series

KN01 series

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KN01 series

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JAE successfully researches and develops "KN01 Series", a square-type  waterproof connector that is suitable for industrial equipment such as  robots, machine tools, and work machines, which have high requirements  on environmental resistance.

In  the indispensable and thriving automation machinery nowadays, factory  operations not only on the product quality excellence, at the same time  require the implementation of human resources optimization, the maximum  degree of automation and intelligent operations. Compared  to the previous large-scale fixed production equipment, according to  the production of different production equipment now is to the body  light, small, simple configuration development. The connector that we make also tends to be small and light, and at  the same time it also pursues excellent performance such as easy  insertion, wiring saving and noise reduction.

This product is a variety of wiring variants, waterproof, small, high density square connector with more convenient operation. Not  only the placement of insulation structure, at the same time can be  customized for different core number for different needs of customers to  choose. In  the meantime, a closed-structure function having an insulating sheet  for shielding a signal is a composite connector in which a signal line  and a power line can be accommodated in the same connector. Fitted  with a simple operation but can achieve high efficiency results rack  and pinion way, one hand can be more convenient for the insertion and  removal at the same time, because the shell is made of aluminum  die-casting process, the product can also be achieved in the case of  ensuring solid Lightweight and thermal performance of good performance.

Not  only can be used in robots, lathes, machinery and other production  equipment, can also be widely used in the pursuit of multi-level wiring,  shockproof, waterproof general machinery.


     Rack and gear rod structure, easy to fit operation
     Pre-chrome tie rod fixing function, double lock function after fitting, mistaken operation, to ensure safety
     For  the insulator block combination can choose the most suitable number of  stitches, corresponding to replace the plug end and the socket end of  the needle
     There are also products with anti-shielding function optional. Integrated power and signal functions
     Aluminum alloy shell parts and stamping terminals, lightweight, high density
     Adopt the saddle clamp screw to fix the way, the harness keep high

Application market

     Robots, lathes, robots and other FA machines that require high environmental performance
     Multi-pole wiring industrial machines, communication machines, medical machines and general machines
     Requires shockproof, waterproof industrial machines, communications equipment and land equipment

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